Manufacturing Process

How does Power Dental USA do it?

    •    Purchasing the best surgical quality materials.
    •    Skilled technicians are manufacturing the shapes of each tip.
    •    Cutting and shaping each tip using CNC machinery.
    •    Proper bending of each tip, from 1 to 6 times, to insure proper use qualities.
    •    Increasing the strength of the instruments with the use of heat treating processes.
    •    Dental USA raises the level of heat treating to a 50-55 hardness rating, which increases the strength of the material and minimizes wear.
    •    Assembling the instruments properly is of the utmost importance. If the tip is not inserted into the handle properly, it will not work correctly and may break or fall out of the handle. Each instruments’ tips are inserted by highly trained and skilled technicians.
    •    As a final step to the process, we clean all of the instruments and do what we call a final “blading”, or sharpening, to ensure the proper working edges are on each and every instrument to meet the specifications of dental professionals.

Handle Manufacturing Process

    •    Proper Cutting: To cut each handle of different sizes with precision machinery.
    •    Complete handle making process: To cut the tip to fit into each handle size. This process requires very precise work since there is a great possibility of product loss.
    •    Grooving work: To groove the handles so that it gives dentists comfort in treatment.
    •    (Grooving work is different depending on the functions and kinds of handles)
    •    Upscale Satin Handles: By applying friction on the handles in the sand barrel for a long time, the handles turn into bright satin finish.
    •    Ultrasonic Cleaning: Handles could get rusty without the ultrasonic cleaning process. Without ultrasonic cleaning, it will shorten the life-span of the instrument








Power Dental USA has discontinued selling the following products:

Product #1825 (7mm STR), Product # 1826 (14mm STR), Product # 1827 (18mm STR), Product # 1828 (7mm CVD). Product # 1829 (14mm CVD), and Product # 1830 (18mm CVD)

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