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Philippine Humanitarian Mission


Dear Dr. Kershen:

This is to acknowledge with sincerest thanks receipt of the dental instruments to be used during the LA UNION HUMANITARIAN DENTAL MISSION as shown in the attached copy of Packing Slip dated January 04,2013 under Invoice Number 13010114.

On behalf of the indigent dental-patients that will be served during the Humanitarian Dental Mission and beyond, I would like to thank you and your partner - the POWER DENTAL USA, Inc.(The Highest Quality Dental Instruments Manufacturer) for your generous donation of said dental instruments.

I am sure these donated quality dental instruments will be put to excellent use and with passion by our Provincial Government Dentists to better serve our needy poor/indigent dental patients in the Province of La Union even after the first La Union Humanitarian Dental Mission.

Again, thank you very much and POWER DENTAL USA, Inc., McHenry, Illinois, USA for your most valued assistance.

Very truly yours,

Provincial Governor

Anna Abel, DDS Hope for Tomorrow


Dear Power Dental USA Inc;

We are writing to express our deepest thanks for your recent donation to Hope for Tomorrow. Generous donors like you provide the financial and moral support needed to continue our mission. We deeply appreciate your contributions of dental supply to Hope for Tomorrow.

Each year, Hope for Tomorrow continues to advance its mission of bringing much needed medical, dental care and also supplies such as medicines, rice, books for children, etc. Through our programs Hope for Tomorrow, we have seen many lives changed for the better.

Your support has played a key role in our goal to continue serving many disadvantage communities and to provide a ray of hope for people.

Thanks again for your generous support. For information about Hope for Tomorrow, please visit our website at http://www.my-hope.org.

Anna Abel, DDS

Ron Lamb, DMD President, WDR


Power Dental USA, Inc.
5005 McCullom Lake Rd
McHenry IL 60050

Dear Sirs,
Thank you for Power Dental USA's donation of new dental surgical instruments to World Dental Relief Our teams need instruments on every trip they make overseas.
We supply over 400 mission teams and charity clinics each year that provide dental care to needy and underserved people in more than 60 countries. The surgical instruments you have donated to us are the most valuable resource that you can help us provide them. We have confirmed your detailed inventory of instruments. Thank you for your generosity to help many dental teams relieve the pain of those who have little or no access to dental care.

Ron Lamb, DMD

President, WDR

Michael Le, D.D.S. Deputy (Advisor), Delta Sigma DeltaZeta Chapter


Delta Sigma Delta, Zeta Chapter
University of California, San Francisco
1259 3rd Ave, Apt 1
San Francisco, CA 94122

Dear Power DentalUSA,

I write with deep appreciation for the donation that you have given to the Zeta Chapter of Delta Sigma Delta at UCSF. Your contribution will be passed onto the Honduras Missions Effort organization that is currently planning a mission trip to Urraco, Honduras where they will provide various forms of dental treatment to Honduran residents.

The Honduras Missions Effort organization acknowledges that their efforts would not be possible without your contribution. As such , they will be sure to share the benefits of working with DentalUSA to their friends and colleagues.

Once again, on behalf of the dental and student volunteers, we express our deepest thanks for your support of this endeavor. The Honduras Missions Effort organization will gladly report to you after the trip is completed to share their success.

We look forward to strengthening our relationship with you .


Janice Hwang
Honduras Missions Effort

Michael Le, D.D.S.
Deputy (Advisor), Delta Sigma DeltaZeta Chapter

Thomas C. Johnston, D.D.S. Treasurer, Academy of LDS Dentists


April 2, 2014

Ms. Janie Perez Cooper
Power Dental USA, Inc.
5005 McCuliom lake Road
McHenry, II 60050

Dear Ms. Cooper,
The purpose of this letter is to gratefully acknowledge receipt of the surgical dental instruments referenced in invoice number 140300816, dated the 26th of March, 2014. These instruments, consisting of elevators, explorers, forceps, scalers and operative instruments. as well as mirrors and handles have a declared value of $8,363.61.

As we have discussed previously via Dr. Thomas Ludlow, the Tio Juan Dental Clinic is an outreach service project of the Academy of LDS Dentists, a 50l(c)3 recognized organization well known internationally and nationally for it's service activities. Our tax ID number, attesting to that effect, is 87-0503777

The Tio Juan Dental Clinic, where all of these instruments will be delivered, is located in the Tio Juan Orphanage in Zona 2, Guatemala City. The clinic began as a humanitarian effort to care for the nearty 400 children of the Tio Juan Orphanage, and has since expanded to 9 orphan ages, providing regular ongoing care to over 1400 children in the metropolitan Guatemala City. Additionally, in 2013 the clinic provided comprehensive care to over 1,600 young men and women from throughout Latin America who were in Guatemala preparing to serve throughout the world themselves. In addition, the Clinic hosts remote outreach trips 6-8 times a year with portable equipment to remote sites in Guatemala where limited dental care is available, caring for 300-400 needy people on each trip in those remote locations.

In summary, your donations will bless the lives of many. Again, we express our gratitude for your generous donation and assure you that the equipment will be well used to bring improved dental health to many. Thank you again.


Thomas C. Johnston, D.D.S.
Treasurer, Academy of l OS Dentists

Robert V. Antolak DDS


To the team at Power Dental USA.

I want to thank you for your extreme generosity in donating the surgical instruments for our free dental clinic, Trinity Community Care. The totally free clinic located in Shelby Twp., Michigan is needed as there is a large population who can't afford dental care. We opened our clinic in December 2013 and have been struggling with old and poorly functioning instruments until now. We are excited about the relationship that you are having with us to serve those who are in significant need.

The integrity of your company and the people who represent it match the quality of your instruments. I was very impressed with the uniqueness and quality of instruments you manufacture . I met John at the Academy of General Dentistry annual conference and he wanted to team up with our group to help those who cannot help themselves. It's people in companies like yours that truly make a difference in the world. We will use these instruments to help many with their poor oral condition all in Christ's name. Blessings,

Robert V. Antolak DDS
Dental Director of Trinity Community Care
47511 Van Dyke Rd
Shelby Township, MI 48317

John H. Kim, D.D.S


Dear Friends of Power Dental USA,

Please accept my heartfelt thanks for your generous donation of dental instruments. Your generosity will directly benefit people less fortunate in North Korea. Thank you for investing in this mission and the people that we will serve, it is truly an honor to be provided this opportunity.


John H. Kim, D.D.S
North Athens Implant & Family Dentistry
485 Newton Bridge Road
Athens, GA 30607

Shawn P. Lottier, DDS, MAG, DICOI


That is great.

I used your crown remover’s for the first time yesterday to remove a zirconia crown on 19 to do an endodontic retreat.
I worked so well it surprised me and my assistant. Thanks for making it. This saves me valuable chair time and hundreds of dollars in lab bills.

Shawn P. Lottier, DDS, MAG, DICOI



Dear Friends at Power Dental USA,

Thank you so much for being part of Trinity Community Care. Your prayers, donations, volunteer time, and love have propelled us through our second year of service to our community. We are immensely grateful that you have been a part of our journey thus far. Together we are changing lives!

In 2015, your support has helped us offer over 400 office visits, completely free of charge, at our medical and dental clinics. Additionally, our team has helped many individuals connect to other community resources to meet their needs. At Trinity Community Care, we strive not only to help patients with our healthcare services, but to reach people with love and assist with their many social, economic and spiritual needs.

Together we can continue to enhance our services and increase their availability. We are asking for your continued assistance in making a difference in the lives of our uninsured and under-insured neighbors and friends. As always, we are so grateful for your gifts of any size, your prayers, your volunteering, and your willingness to spread the word about Trinity Community Care.

I'd like to close with the words of St. Francis of Assisi. It is in you, our supporter, that I often see this prayer reflected.

Lord, make me an instrument of t~ peace. Where there is hatred, let me sow love; Where there is i,!/ury, pardon; Where there is doubt,faith; Where there is despair, hope; Where there is darkness, light; Where there is sadness,jqy. o divine Master, grant that I mqy not so much seek. To be consoled as to console, To be understood as to understand, To be ioved as to love; tor it iJ" in giving that we receive; It is in pardoning that we are pardoned; It is in cfying to seff that we are born to eternal life.

I pray that as we continue our mission, God will use Trinity Community Care as an instrument of His peace.


Yvette Patrick
Executive Director

Buddist Tzu Chi Foundation

Thank you very much.

This year we already done 18 times of medical outreach within our region and before year end we have 6 more to go. Attached are few pictures I like to share with you. According to our dentists, the tools you supported are very handy. We are gratefully having your support.
We deeply appreciate your company’s support. Through your dedication we surly can benefit more patients.


Andrew Lin
Associate Director of Western Region
Buddhist Tzu Chi Foundation



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