PRF TUBES Liquid PRF 10ml x 100pcs Blood collection tubes (Yellow) (7824-3)

Less centrifuge time needed for separation, no additives made of PET -100% with vacuum.  

Blood collection tubes steri-pack is Packed in medical grade container for single use and to keep the tubes free of air contaminants, 
eliminating the pyrogenic risks of standard blood collection tubes. Cover has traceability label.
Made of thermoformed synthetic resin tray and sealed cover with an easy peel feature to facilitate drop into an sterile field. 
Validation for Package, seal and sterility to conform with ISO and FDA. 
The package have the advantages of easy operation, low cost and the capacity to maintain all standard blood collection tubes sterile inside and outside of the tubes, to be used in all medical and lab premises to avoid cross contamination and false results, more especially when the blood collected is going to be processed and used back into the patient’s body, like in the process of growth factors in PRF and PRP.
Customized number of tubes per pack available for schools, labs, hospitals and Doctors.

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