Power Surgimaster-II LED  Manual  

Power Surgimaster 2,  Max Power Bone Surgery with special 12 Piezo Tips, 110V / 220V Use

• 2 X LED Handpiece FREE.
• Special Piezo Tips 12pcs.
• Full Equipment Perect Setting.
• Led Handpiece, Sterilizable All in One, Complete with Cords
• Large Sterilization Cassette
• Autoclavable Irrigation Tubing 3pcs.
• 110V / 220V.

Include 12 tips

Cassette 1 (Implantation)  
 1. 8150-6  DUP6  Bone formation, root planning within the operation area / mectron  
 2. 8130-2  DUI2  Ball 2.0mm / mectron  
 3. 8130-3  DUI7  Final bone implant sites preparation / mectron  
 4. 8130-4  DUI8  Implantation max 1.6mm / mectron  
 5. 8130-5  DUI9  Ball 2.8mm / mectron  
 6. 8120-6  DUL2C Trumpet compressor for the initial separation membrane after access of osteotomy with cutting / Mectron 


Cassette 2 (Basic Bone Surgery)
 1. 8100-3  DUS1  Bone saw for all osteotomy / mectron  
 2. 8100-1  DUS1L  Left angle bone saw for osteotomy / mectron  
 3. 8100-2  DUS1R  Right angle bone saw for osteotomy / mectron  
 4. 8100-4  DUS2  Bone saw for all osteotomy more precise and efficient marking 7-8-5-10mm / mectron    
 5. 8100-8  DUS6  Highly sophisticated for narrow delicate bones, more precise / mectron  
 6. 8130-6  DUC1  Minimally damnification exelcymosis / mectron  

 Shipping Box: 19.5 x 11 x 16.5(h) inch,  weight 23lb. **(additional fees maybe applied for package) 

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