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1981N-1     GBR FIX SCREW   1.4 X 3 mm      1 pc
1981N-2     GBR FIX SCREW   1.4 X 4 mm      1 pc
1981N-3     GBR FIX SCREW   1.4 X 6 mm      3 pcs
1981N-4     GBR FIX SCREW   1.4 X 8 mm      3 pcs
1981N-5     GBR FIX SCREW   1.4 X 10 mm    2 pcs
1981N-6     GBR FIX SCREW   1.4 X 12 mm    1 pc
1981N-7     GBR FIX SCREW   1.6 X 3 mm      1 pc
1981N-8     GBR FIX SCREW   1.6 X 4 mm      1 pc
1981N-9     GBR FIX SCREW   1.6 X 6 mm      2 pcs
1981N-10   GBR FIX SCREW   1.6 X 8 mm      2 pcs
1981N-11   GBR FIX SCREW   1.6 X 10 mm    1 pc
1981N-12   GBR FIX SCREW   1.6 X 12 mm    1 pc
1981N-13   GBR FIX SCREW   2.0 X 6 mm      1 pc
1981N-14   GBR FIX SCREW   2.0  X 8 mm     1 pc
1981N-15   GBR FIX SCREW   2.0  X 10 mm   1 pc
1981N-16   GBR FIX SCREW   2.0  X 12 mm   1 pcs / Total 23 pcs
1981N-M    TITANIUM MESH   36mm X 22mm X 0.1mm THICKNESS  1 pc
1981N-D     FIX SCREW PILOT DRILL  1.2mm                                    1 pc
1981N-20   GBR KIT SCREW DRIVER / SHORT (HANDPIECE)            1 pc
1981N-21   GBR KIT SCREW DRIVER / LONG (HAND DRIVER)           1 pc
1981N-22   GBR KIT SCREW DRIVER HANDLE                                  1 pc
1981N-23   GBR KIT CASE

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